Whether you’re a seasoned ninja or brand new to the sport, competitions are the best way to improve and showcase your abilities. We host a variety of league and non-league competitions for all types of ninjas, from beginner to elite.

Anyone can compete in ninja competitions. Athletes coming from other sports may have an easy time transferring their existing skills to success on ninja obstacles. However, we recommend taking a few classes or joining an open gym before registering to compete.


The WNL is the world’s leading ninja obstacle course organization.  Our mission is to grow into a properly regulated sport athletes can participate in, from the recreational level all the way to the professional level.

New to the WNL? Follow the links below to register with the league:


Empire Ninja Showdown is our non-league series of competitions. Test your ninja skills and abilities on our creative and flexible format. 

Before you sign up for any competition, please fill out an Empire Waiver

A NinjaWorks ID is required to compete.