Owner / Coach

Andrew joined the Ninja Stars team 3 years ago as a head coach fully immersing himself in the world of Ninja. Andrew is a natural athlete who specializes in recognizing, applying and teaching advanced techniques in body movements conducive to obstacle course competition. Andrew has competed in the National Ninja League as an Elite competitor. He has helped coach competitors across all age divisions to the National Finals in various different leagues, even boasting 2 stage 3 competitors at the NNL Worlds Finals in 2021. Under Andrew’s tutelage the Ninja Stars produced the 3rd place male in the Kids division and the 1st place Grand Champion female in the Kids division. 

Andrew is also very passionate about obstacle design and manufacturing. He has created multiple original obstacles such as the Nutty Cliffs, Levers lane and Up in Arms. He brings a level of creativity to Empire Ninja that keeps us innovative and relevant to the ever evolving world of Ninja.