Owner / Coach

Noel is a 37 year old Firefighter from Brooklyn NY, a husband and a father of 4 children. Noel began his journey in the world of Ninja Warrior at the age of 27 when he first competed on American Ninja Warrior in season 4. He went on to compete in seasons 5,6 and 7 and was a City Finals Finisher and a National Finalist. Noel was invited as a competitor on the spin off competition show Team Ninja Warrior in season 2. 

Noel began coaching ninja athletes of all ages after his first appearance on the show nearly 10 years ago and has seen many of his students have success on a national scale. He has designed and built 5 ninja warrior gyms and has run numerous programs with upwards of 250 children enrolled in classes while also assisting other owners in launching their own programs. Noel has designed and erected dozens of backyard and in-home obstacle courses helping ninjas all over the northeast advance their skill sets. Noel has organized and hosted countless competitions with as many as 300+ competitors for various leagues at multiple gyms. He uses these opportunities to introduce original obstacle designs that have become staples at other gyms such as the Tilting Peg Board, The Pole Dancer and The Saloon Doors. Noel prides himself on providing quality in all aspects of his work including but not limited to instructing ninjas, training coaches, building gyms, providing consulting services for gyms and developing groundbreaking ideas to advance the sport he loves. 

Noel has deep roots in the Ninja Warrior community and can always attract well known ninjas to the gym for meet and greet events, competitions, clinics etc. Noel also has strong relationships with the owners of companies that provide ninja services such as obstacle manufacturing, course building, gym equipment sales (mats/ carpet flooring) and many others.